Friday, August 15, 2014


   Mama Elephant is one of my new favorite stamp companies. They have lots of cute stamps, dies, and awesome water colors. I love some of their new stamps that they just released. Now after looking at their new stamps all I can think about is cupcakes. Cupcakes are in quite a few stamps, these days. I think I need a cupcake and a cupcake stamp, that way I can have my cupcake and eat it too. : ) One thing I like about this new cupcake set from Mama Elephant is that is also has different toppers for your cupcakes too. Usually you see icing, sprinkles, and cherries; but this stamp has several cute little animals in two sizes that you can put on your cupcakes. MMMmm, cupcakes. It didn't help that I keep seeing cupcakes today. My two year's favorite t-shirt that she wore today has three little cupcakes on it. If I let her she would wear that shirt every day. She also was wearing her cupcake apron at dinner tonight. I would even take one of those orange little cupcakes that Hostess makes with the little white curly q icing one it...hmmm that inspires me for a card idea, man I need a cupcake and a cupcake stamp. : 9

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