Thursday, August 14, 2014

Learning the lesson that mistakes grow creativity

Here is a sympathy card that I was working on the other day. It's funny how projects don't always come out the way that you imagine them to at first, but it isn't always a bad thing. At first I was going to have three rows of lace, (which didn't work because my card stock got stuck in my paper punch, oops.) But then I decided the pearl vellum would be a better way to go since the vellum gave a more delicate look to the card. 
Water color Sympathy card
   I love these water colors. I got them from Mama Elephant stamps after reading Jennifer McGuire's blog, she had made a card and said that they were some of the best she had used. So, I raided my applesauce jar and there were enough quarters in there to buy the 36 color set. They also have a some pearl white  and two gold shades too in the 36 color set. 
My last post I shared with you how graphic stamps were a challenge for me. I didn't give up and decided I was going to work on some more home work for that style to practice and see if I could come up with another card. 
Hugs and hearts graphic shape card
   I am starting to see mistakes in the creative process as a challenge to over come. : ) I mean that in a good way. This card was a good example of that. Making mistakes some times helps your card turn out better in the long run. Valentines is a long way off but I will have a card ready for it when it comes. 

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