Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love and encouragement

   So, I am at home taking care of my sweet little 2 1/2 year she has fever and isn't feeling good. Right now she is cuddled up on the couch watching Frozen with her favorite baby dolls.  My family are big fans of that movie. One of my favorite parts in that movie is when Olaf is talking about what love is. Love is putting others needs ahead of your own. The love message in the movie is not romantic love, like we see it in so many movies today; but sacrificial love and family love. Love is about being unselfish.
    I discovered a new challenge blog. Word Art Wednesday blog, I really love this blog and will have to add them to my follow list.  They are all about glorifying  God with their creativity and using scripture to uplifting and encourage others. What a blessing it is to know that the art form that you love can be used to uplift, encourage, and brighten someone's day. That is the reason I even make cards.
Triangles Encouragement card
   Today my card was an encouragement card; the colors were inspired by my sister-in-law. I decided to try out the modern look, its a little out side of my comfort zone but I want to become better at what I do, so I should practice the things I am not as comfortable with. Navajo designs have been really catching my eye lately and the triangles kind of reminded me of some those designs. To bad the camera doesn't capture the wink of stella that I used on all of the grey wool triangles or the iridescent shimmer of the golden yellow sequins. For my sentiment I choose this verse in Psalms reminding us that if we give the things that burden us down to the Lord he will take care of us. What a wonderful thing to be able to give our worries and problems to him, and have the peace to know he has got it taken care of.

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